Trunks and Swim Shorts for Men

Fashions for men are changing every month, every season, every year. In fact summer 2012 holds more choice than ever with regards to swimwear! 


There is a great deal of color around within the world of men’s swimwear this year. From bright one tone blocks of color to stripes and patterns, there will be something to suit everyone and also to suit all shapes and sizes too.

As usual the most popular color ways for men will be the traditional ones such as the blacks, grays and navy blues but there is no reason why you would be limiting yourself just to these. Younger men especially love to experiment with colors nowadays and can carry off anything with a little confidence!

Fitted Trunks

Not just for 1970’s posing men, the fitted trunk has had an overhaul and is actually set to be one very popular style for men this summer. Think less greasy beach lothario and more fitted boxer style and you will get the idea! This style of trunk can be very fitted and as such the most popular colors are dark – the “traditional” colors for men’s beachwear.

These styles are very attractive, have a decent amount of coverage and are best for those men who are happy with their midsection so that they don’t end up with that dreaded “muffin top”. Also you need to be careful to ensure that you try these trunks on for size so that they fit snugly without having that overhang. If you are in doubt it can sometimes be an idea to try a size up. Another added bonus with the fitted short is that it doesn’t take an age to dry after a dip in the pool. Baggies are the worst culprits for this as you will know! 

Baggy Shorts 

Ah the old tried and tested favorite, the baggy short – friend of us all for so many years. It’s a relationship which works and if it ain’t broke then why fix it?
However, it is a good idea to buy a new pair of baggies each season so that they don’t look tatty and they are modern in color. Baggies or board shorts as they are called can actually be extremely cool and stylish – think surfer dude. There are many top surfing brands which sell a huge range of styles and colors for whiling away your beach days in and for surfing and body boarding if that’s your thing.

 The mini board short is another real trend for this year, think short baggies and then you will be on the right track. These come in lots of different colors and are good for the man who is confident enough to make the transition from the longer short but who doesn’t wish to go as far as buying the skin tight shorts which are on trend this year.
The main thing is to choose swimwear which makes you feel good. Sometimes a classic and timeless pair of shorts is all you need.

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