Cheap Holidays

Thoughts from Tahar Rajab who is a freelance writer with a passion for travel.

Holidays are bliss; an escape from the hustle, tussle and bustle of everyday life and a step into another world. There was once a day when shopping for the best priced flights, accommodation, and other relevant deals relied on the work of a travel agent, but these days with the sheer convenience of the internet we can cut out the middle man and, with a little intuition, do this work ourselves.

Yet when one searches ‘cheap holiday deals’ on the internet, the result is an overabundance of different websites, all claiming to offer ‘the cheapest & best holiday deals’. Now my maths isn’t that great, but twenty different websites can’t all have the cheapest and best holiday deals by definition. In reality, some are effectively misleading you away from those that genuinely offer the best holiday deals, though perhaps only for a specific location. With this in mind, here is a brief guide on how to shop online for holiday bargains and find the deals that are best for you.

Unfortunately search engine do not operate to find you the cheapest holiday deals out of the hundreds of thousands of websites offering. A bit of old fashioned intuition is therefore needed.

Thankfully, the internet can do much of that old fashioned intuition for you with price comparison website which will try to find you the cheapest deals for your holiday, comparing prices for travel insurance, flights, accommodation and even lovely all inclusive offers.

The next on my list isn’t quite the most important thing when travelling but is nonetheless very useful. have an all purpose cleaner that tailors for your hair, body, face, clothes and even dishes. It’s called Travelproof Ultimate Travelwash and is basically what it says on the tin. A specifically good product for backpackers.

You don't need a holiday advisor to tell you that every trip abroad needs the perfect attire. provides travel clothing for all types of holidays, from skiing to dessert. What’s even better is that for those who don’t wish to be boggled down with heavy luggage, much of their products are purposely made lightweight.

Keeping in with the topic of remaining lightweight, offer great viscose towels that are only a fraction the size of normal towels and antibacterial. They also do deals on other products from wash and sleep gear, to cookware.
So there you have it: 5 great tips to help you find the best deals for your holiday. Have a safe journey and enjoy your trip!