The Great British Clothes Swap

Parks all across London are beginning to fill up and people are tentatively starting to make space in their storage cupboards for umbrellas and hot water bottles.  Summer is officially round the corner and for many people that means thinking of easy ways to raise money for a new wardrobe.

While some people think of labour intensive ideas for doing this, you now have the chance to take the easy ride by getting down to Kilburn on Sunday the 22nd of April. Here you’ll find a once off swap shop, dedicated to women, where you’ll get the chance to raise money for a worthy cause and save yourself some pocket paper in the process.

Swap a Frock is an initiative that encourages women to bring 1-5 items of clean and good quality clothing to the swap shop on the 22nd. The aim is to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Most people will have plenty of items of clothing that they still enjoy wearing but feel it might be time for something new. The organisers thought this would be a simple way to raise money, as the charge is only five pounds a head (or three pounds if you register before the 15th of April). Once you’ve gained entrance to the event it becomes a free for all. You can pick and choose what you like and you may even come out with a bounty more plentiful than the one you came in with. Where else can you raise money for charity and come out with more value in the process. It’s a complete win win. Almost anything goes, all shapes, sizes and designs welcome. All of the items of clothing that are left over will be donated directly to Cancer Research UK.

Anything from dresses to trousers to shoes and accessories are most welcome and the more the merrier.  The only no go’s are underwear and lingerie, swimsuits/bikinis, earrings and anything that is very plain and would be produced en masse, available at any retail store. The project’s primary purpose is to raise money for the association but its a great opportunity to give yourself a whole new makeover without having to dig deep into your wallet in order to purchase an item that you might regret buying in a few days time.

With the on going and specifically recent breakthroughs in cancer research, it is important and encouraging to see so many people coming up with plenty of good ways to raise money for such an important cause. Swap a Frock is just another example of the commendable initiative that is being shown in this department.

To find out more about the event or to register contact
Dave Peterson knows his clothes. He's a bit of a fashion fundi but often keeps that to himself. When he's travelling he really likes to embrace that side. You may well find him visiting bespoke tailors in Italia one day and a few months later it'll be recommended boot shapers UK.


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