Find a Happy Dress that You Adore

Guest article from Sierra, a writer who is obsessed with dresses. Owning quite a few, she loves having a variety of dresses that she can choose from for any occasion. In particular she loves Damart, a site where you can stock up on fashionable apparel.

Dresses are simple and lovely to wear, don’t you think? Suitable for spring and summer, dresses can either be dressed up or down with gorgeous accessories. Depending on your style preference, choose a chic lacy dress or patterned dress for an upcoming event or outing with friends. There are several different styles to select from too – find a knee length frock, maxi dress, leather shift dress, and more. With fashion knocking on your door, choose from dresses that will brighten up your wardrobe and brighten up your look on a fun and sunny afternoon.

Pleated Maxi

Pull an effortless Courtney look (Ben’s chosen girl from The Bachelor), by wearing a pleated maxi dress. A gauze trapeze dress will look elegant and flirty all in the same breath. Even if you don’t like Courtney you can steal her style, which is stocking up on many maxi dresses that will make you want to go out for a yummy meal during a work day ASAP.

Stripe Sheath Dress

Get your stripe on with a strip sheath dress, which has bold stripes and comfy styling. A striped fine knit dress will go well with a pair of sandals that are neon. Make a fashion statement by going with trendy stripes and neon sandals that will show everyone that you’re ready to have a good time.

Tie Waist Dress

Tie waist dresses are casual and chic, perfect for the beach. You can use one as a swimsuit cover up or slip one on to go out and run errands in! Adjust the ties that surround your waist and make it tight or lose depending on how you feel that day. Pair the dress with a pair of neutral wedge sandals or heels and you will be all set to go.

Off Shoulder Textured Dress

Find a textured dress that will complement your shape and that also will add the right amount of texture. A form fitting dress with capped sleeves will look stunning as you head out for a girl’s night out or plan on bringing it with you for an upcoming vacation. Don’t forget to wear a perfect pair of pumps to finish off this gorgeous ensemble!

With so many dresses to choose from, having a wardrobe full of fashionable apparel will not only be fun, it will give you a variety to select from. Own many different kinds of frocks and you’ll never have a moment when you’re not sure what to wear. Pair your dresses with fun accessories, sparkly flats and heels, and incorporate the perfect amount of jewelry for a chic day-to-day style.


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