Fun, Flirty Or Serious – Make A Quontom Dress Work For You

Quontom are a massively popular and still growing brand, fast becoming a key staple of urban ladies’ wardrobes.

2012’s Top Trend

Using a classic black dress as the basis from which to build, quontom dresses are stylish, unique and eye-catching.  Quontom dresses are designed to make you look great and provide you – or enhance - a figure to die for.  Quontom dresses have made the fashion community stand up and take notice over the last 12 months.  Quontom dreses contain bodycon fabric, making the most of your figure while providing a subtle nip and tuck should you need it.  There is an amazing wide range of quontom dresses available, from a stylish little black cocktail style dress to free flowing evening gowns.

Bright, vivid colour contrasts are a key design pattern for 2012, and what better way to demonstrate your fashion sense and style than in a quontom dress?  Add further neon accessories to your outfit for a truly inspiring look.

Celebrity Led Urban Revival

Over past year, specifically the last six months, many a famous face have been photographed wearing quontom.  “The Only Way Is Essex” star Amy Childs and Charlotte Church are among those women who have been seen looking glamorous in a quontom dress.  Frequent exposure on such fashionable ladies makes quontom’s one of the truly “must have” brands and products in 2012.
Known for their bright neon staps which glow under nightclub lighting, a quontom dress has quickly became the urban clubber’s outfit of choice.

Complete the look

Because a quontom dress is so simple yet stylish and unique, it is an easy garment to accessorise around and complete a stunning all round look.  Such is the wide range of styles available, a quontom dress is a perfect solution for both going to work and partying.  Some dresses in the range can even take care of both of these looks in one, so you can hit the down on Friday evening without having to brave the rush hour home to get changed.
With a simple black dress completing your look is easy, however with a quontom dress with neon or sequin detail you need to be careful to get it right.  If you’re wearing a sequin detail quontom dress, getting hold of a clutch bag or shoes with similar detail will lend itself to creating a knockout look which will grab the attention of all those around you.
If you’re building around neon it’s all about small, subtle yet colourful accessories.  Add earrings, a necklace or bracelet in a matching colour with stunning black heels and clutch bag for a vivid, contrasting, on trend look for 2012.

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