Reasons to start driving at 17

There are many skills to learn in life and some are more important than others. Swimming, for example – it’s fun and great exercise, but it could also save your life. We believe that learning to drive is also one of those more important life skills. Sure, you can get by without it but the ability to drive opens up all sorts of opportunities to you and even some careers.

 In the UK you are allowed to drive a car on a public road at 17 and this is when many people learn to drive. However, in these days of economic turbulence many people may consider that learning to drive is something that can be delayed for a while. After all, with lessons costing around £20-£25 an hour, and with the Driving Standards Agency saying the average person needs 47 hours of lessons, it can be expensive to learn. However, we think you're better off learning as soon as possible, and here are our reasons why:


Being able to go where you want when you want is great. Alright, you might be driving your parent's car because you can't afford your own, so maybe you can't always go when you want, but being able to nip to your mates or into town on your own is great. And if you throw in the odd "chore" such as visiting grandma or going to the shop to get bread and milk, you could even get some Brownie points with your parents all under the guise of 'practise' instead of the label of 'fun'.


If you learn to drive at 17 you might be able to blag some lessons for your birthday or Christmas, or maybe your parents will just pay for them anyway. If they like you. Chances are that if you start at 25 you're going to have to fork out all the cash yourself. Plus there's a good chance your parents will add you to their car insurance policy so you can learn in their car outside normal lessons. As long you don't being taught by mum or dad, of course.

A rather more boring money reason is car insurance. Insurance companies take many factors into account when calculating how much an insurance policy will cost, one of which is the length of time you have been driving, along with having no accidents. When you start driving you could be charged a lot for car insurance at the age of 17, simply because you're young and because you're a new driver, so you may as well get the ball rolling as soon as possible. And if you're on your parents insurance policy all the better for you.

Get a job and a haricut you young scallywag

There are plenty of jobs that require the ability to drive, and I'm sure you can think ten without trying too hard. There are the obvious ones such as bus driver or taxi driver, but what about plumber, electrician and baker? They have to get to their clients somehow.

Being able to drive is also handy for getting to work. Public transport is a perfectly valid and great way for commuting to and from your place of work but it's not always practical, especially if you live in the countryside.


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