Time was when a good old cockney rag and bone man would tour the streets of merry old England with a horse and cart shouting "any old iron any old iron".

Now the gentlemen of the scrap trade make initial tours with shiney brand new smart vehicles or top of the range used vans and pickup trucks.

Whats with the van fixation - well take a peek at this - pretty and cool I'd say.

VW Van Video

With increasing efforts to maximise recycling the return of the rag and bone man is a welcome sight - someone happy to take away your old stuff saving you the journey to the local recycling centre and spending dead tim waiting your turn.

If you are not blessed with a regular Rag n Bone scrap collection the shoppertastic idea is to assemble as much clutter as you can and choose a time to get van hire arranged and make a single big journey to the dump.


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