Marathon - Kickers to Snickers

UK Shoppers Have Your Say

Like many UK consumers we at shopping information are becoming frustrated with the renaming of out famous brands. The oil of Ulay (sometimes called oil of ol'hay - thanks for that suggestion fizzy) is now Oi of Ole, the ever popular travel sweet - Opal Fruits hav ebeen molested into Starbursts and the splendid marathon chocolate bar is currently offered as a nonsensical Snicker.

Raising the Marathon Bar

More power to the marathon bar.

Kickers to Snickers - we want the confectionary bar to convey all that the word marathon means - endurance, excitement, challenging and fulfillment.

London Marathon

This years London Marathon looks set once again to attract runners from around the world. Those who are well prepared have their flights to London and savvy spectators have prebooked flights on the London Eye to see the race on the streets below.


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