Seasonal Flowers - Prices Expected to Fall

Although Spring ahs certanly arrived there is still a month or so before UK gardeners will be able to begin to cut flowers for arranging in the home (daffodils and tulips aside).

Mean while having experienced the expensive prices of flowers for celebration ssuch as valentines day, Mothers Day and now even Easter all of which appear to be associated more with greeting cards and giving flowers, UK shoppers will find some floral bargains during May.

The recent no fly over Europe following the Volcano ash cloud menat that hundreds of tonnes of fresh flowers failed to be delivered and were composted - Marks and Spencer even served an apology via its flowers online page and explained that more locally grom blooms would be sourced to fill the gaps left.

Growers in Kenya, one of the exporters worst affected by the volcanic ash, have increased growing to make up for the shortfall.

A combination of more local flowers and an inundation of imported stems is likely to see competetive pricing.

How to make flowers last longer


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