Smart Lingerie With No Visible Panty Line

Today we will be taking a look at the C String as seen on GMTV (link to site)

This lovely lingerie is certain to grab some attention.

Attention grabbing lingerie

The sexy C String is a stunning way to cover your sexy area, showing no visible panty lines.

It has a unique structure that fits snuggly and discreetly taking into consideration a secure fit, style and comfort.

Looking at the front its hard to believe that its not any normal lingerie, however, if you look at the back you will see it only has a thin strap that actually hugs the contours of the posterior while the sides are left totally naked.

The gorgeous C String can be worn under jeans, skirts, summer dresses etc or can be part of your favourite beachwear and give a perfect all round tan.

The C String is available in several different colours - we have white, baby pink, polka dot and black patterned alce and are available in small and medium


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