Fun with Furniture - Coffee Table

Almost two years ago since we discussed coffee. During the discussion about coffee machines vs instant coffee we spotted the coffee jar lid scandal - oh merry shlurping days...

Now the gorgeous Ms Price casts her view about home furniture - focussing on the coffee table. As Elena says "You can buy coffee tables from a range of online furniture retailers, so you should be able to find the perfect coffee table for your living room by shopping online."

Choosing a Coffee Table

A coffee table can be a practical and attractive addition to your living room furniture. Here are some hints and tips on what to look for when choosing a coffee table.

Size matters

As with other types of furniture, the first thing to consider when buying a new coffee table is the size of table that you need. Decide where you would like to place your coffee table and measure up, remembering to leave plenty of space around the coffee table so that you can walk around it.

If you have spacious living room, it’s usually better to go for a larger coffee table than a smaller one, so that you can be sure that there will be enough room on it for everything that you want to put on it. However, it’s also important to take the size of the rest of your living room furniture into account when making your decision. Make sure that your new coffee table isn’t so small that it seems dwarfed by the rest of your furniture but isn’t so big that it dominates your living room.

If you are happy for people to put their feet up on it, make sure that it’s at a height that makes it comfortable for them to do so – if you don’t want them to do this, buy a higher coffee table and consider buying a footstool or two as well!

Coffee Table Designs

Coffee tables are available in many shapes and styles, and you may find that an oval or circular coffee table fits into your room more easily than a square or rectangular one. If you have young children, choose a coffee table with smooth and rounded edges rather than sharp corners, for peace of mind.

Many coffee tables have shelves, which are great for using to keep books and magazines on, and some contain drawers, providing you with additional storage space and helping you to give your living room an uncluttered look.

Decide whether a contemporary coffee table, such as one made from metal or glass, or a more traditional wooden coffee table would match the rest of your living room furniture best. If your living room is small and contemporary in style, a glass coffee table will help to create the illusion of space. If you are considering a glass or glass-topped coffee table, however, make sure that will be a practical choice for your home – it may not be the best choice if you have children, for example, and if you aren’t particularly proud of your carpet or flooring, glass-topped tables are best avoided.

If you are looking for a wooden coffee table make sure that it matches the rest of your living room furniture in both style and colour. If you don’t get much natural light in your living room, it’s best to avoid heavy, dark wooden furniture, as this can make a room look even darker.

It’s also important to ensure that your new coffee table is sturdy enough for your needs, particularly if you are likely to be placing a number of objects on it, such as books, magazines, remote controls and ornaments. If you have a large family or are likely to have a number of guests in your home at once, you may want to consider buying matching coffee table and side table set or a nest of tables.