Holiday Time - Swimwear

At last spring has arrived and thoughts turn to holidays. In the first of our series about shopping for your holidays we take a look at swimwear. Shopping for summer holidays is much more fun than the frustration of choosing christmas gifts.


By Elena Price

If you’re planning on a beach holiday this year, then you’ll probably want to buy some new swimwear. Here is a summary of the different types of swimwear available together with some hints and tips to help you choose the right item for you.

Types of Swimwear – Swimsuits

Traditional one-piece swimsuits are still are popular option and you’ll find a wide range of different designs to choose from.

The type of swimsuit that will suit you will depend on your body shape. If you are a classic pear shape (with small shoulders and a wider waist), for example, a swimsuit with a halterneck can help to draw attention to the top half of your body and therefore look more flattering, whereas if you are an “apple” shape (with board shoulders and a smaller waist), a swimsuit with a high neck line can help to draw attention towards your waist, making your figure look more balanced. If you are slim and want to create the effect of having more curves, opt for a swimsuit with cut-out sections or a belt at the waist.

It’s also important to choose a swimsuit in a colour that suits you. If you’re already fairly tanned, a brightly coloured swimsuit will show your tan off effectively, whilst a dark coloured swimsuit will look better on people without a tan. If you are slender, swimsuits with all-over patterns can look great, but if you are looking for a swimsuit that has a slimming effect, choose a plain, darker coloured swimsuit.

Types of Swimwear – Bikinis

Bikinis have been popular ever since Bridgette Bardot wore one in the 1957 movie “And God Created Woman”, and you can now buy bikinis in many different styles. You can buy bikini sets, but you can also buy separate bikini tops and bikini briefs, so you should be able to find a bikini that suits your body shape perfectly.

You can buy underwired bikini tops for additional support, for example, or padded bikini tops to help you to create more shape. If you want a less revealing and sportier bikini top, you could try a bikini crop top. Bikini briefs also come in a range of styles, including hipster briefs, which look great on women with long legs, and tie briefs, which you can adjust to fit you.

Types of Swimwear – Tankinis

The tankini is a modern addition to swimwear and consists of a short, sleeveless top and bikini bottoms. Tankinis are less revealing than bikinis, so are great for women who aren’t confident about showing off their bodies, and the two-piece design also means that they can be more practical than a swimsuit. As with swimsuits and bikinis, tankinis are available in a range of styles. You can choose from a number of different styles of tankini tops, including halterneck, underwired and sports-style tops, and the range of tankini briefs available includes high leg, low leg, and low rise briefs, together with plain briefs or briefs which feature detail such as ties or rings.

Other Types of Beachwear

Once you have chosen your new swimsuit, bikini or tankini, you might find that you want some other beachwear to go with it. Kaftans or beach dresses, for example, are perfect for covering up with after your swim, and are both practical and stylish. Beach trousers or holiday shorts are great for wearing on your journey to and from the beach - be sure to select beach trousers that aren't seee through should you remove your wet swimwear and return to your hotel wearing no knickers.

You can buy swimwear and beachwear from a number of online retailers who sell a great range of swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, kaftans, beach dresses, shorts and beach trousers.


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