Coffee Confusion - Gold Blend Lid Scandal

One for my coffee slurping colleague over at wordsaboutthings here - although I doubt he stoops to use Nescafe instant coffee in anything other than an emergency. This chap is so into coffee he recently wrote an entire post about the new Starbucks logo
and doesn't hold back when big supermarket names fail to deliver on their label's aspirational promise - Tesco's far from finest espresso.

These marketing men just can't help themselves - its better, new, improved, best ever, absolutely bloody brilliant.

Take Nescafe Gold Blend. Gold Blend Coffee has risen to be one of the most popular instant coffees found in UK households today. Ever since the nauseating "will she wont she" nescafe tv advert campaigns Nescafe Gold Blend has almost succeeded in maintaining its brand integrity. The words have lead a merry dance around trying out different positions on the label traditionally being displayed in a straight forward horizontal manner with occasional lapses of designers urges to rack them vertically but the lid has always been errm the lid. Until now that is.

See the jars above - the one on the right is the "proper" lid in the accepted non-gold mocha brown colour and has the words Nescafe written from left to right across the width of the lid.

Now check the left hand version....not only is the colour now a garish shade of gold (how crass) but the silly buggers have the writing wrong (in my opinion)

Maybe it is time to join the aspirational set and source a shiny new counter top coffee machine
and brew my own the way I like it.


Anyone for Tennis? said...

I like coffee I like tea - i like the jabber jabber and it likes me