Finding Online Deals

Choose words carefully to find the best online

Some interesting research published recently shows how the composition of phrases differ whilst searching for various products and services online.


Those looking to find financial products - insurance, savings accounts and mortgages are aware of the huge range of products and expect these to be highly competitive so tend to favour 'compare' in the hope that they will find an all singing all dancing price comparison site to compare products to find the best prices.


Those interested in picking up second-hand / reconditioned consumer electronics will use 'bargains' and streetwise searchers will include 'best deals' as though they're at a market or car boot sale.


When looking for holiday bargains "cheap" tends to be the traveller's prefix of choice - frequently searching for - cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap car hire.

Sometimes savy travellers rely on the recommendations of trusted blogs who include hand picked choices from their personal experiences - this can be of enormous value far outweighing and money savings. Recently the Shop til you Drop guide began to look for places to enjoy Halloween and came across this marvelous Top Halloween Holiday Destinations post on Smart Traveller which offers unique suggestions to various "attractions" around the world.


Often the word 'better' is used with a job type - Jobsite the uk jobs site explain that many of their visitors see job hunting as shopping for jobs with an eye out for improved pay and conditions.

It would be interesting to see the effect of mixing these phrases whilst checking out prices online - the results for 'cheap car hire' differ enormously from 'better care hire' although it would be expected that better would be more expensive what customer would NOT want better?

As we can see the results you get will vary with the words you use when researching products and services online. Vary your words and phrases to ge the most from your online shopping experience.


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