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After two years of selfless dedication to informing shoppers of whats up and coming, the best offers and where to get them as well as things to avoid it is surprising that no job offers or potential employment opportunities have arrived. It could be that this blog has no contact form and in this day and age of spam attacks only the foolhardy would put their email up for all to see and abuse.

If the mountain won't come to the blogger then I will have to approach the mountain.

Mirroring the shopping growth, online recruitment has also become a regular tool for job hunters and employees. The number of UK job sites offering vacancies with interactive questionnaires, cv submission and regular rss feed is growing to reflect the changing job market and even with the economic trends creating insecurity appear to be well populated with a wide variety of jobs in many different sectors.

Finding a new job is very much like shopping - both the employers and applicants want to know if they are a good fit or match, is the money appropriate, what about aftercare service, are there any guarantees are in place and as all good shoppers have come to expect what negotiations can be explored and perks thrown in?

When searching for shopping jobs the results returned reveal opportunities to apply for jobs as mystery shoppers. I dabbled with this joining Grass Roots Mystery Shopping three years ago. Not only was I sent to small local branches of Lloyds TSB in remote Devon villages to find they were not open every day but that the job involved completing enormous forms and writing detailed reports which when added to the actual mystery visit totaled 3½ hours - for twenty quid!

Well other than my tremendous insight into shopping I thought I should look to utilise my training in finance and checked out what accountancy jobs were currently available - the result? lots - but like a shopper hunting a good deal I remembered that a bargain is only a bargain if its something you wanted - and seeing the dreary positions for control accountants and book keepers I soon realised that it wasn't time for my return to that profession.

Top tips for when looking for a new job online:

  • Register with several online job sites
  • Select and review keywords carfully - locations such as "south west" will return Devon Cornwall and South West London.
  • Stuff your cv with the latest buz phrases and words - quality, proactive, communicator, team etc as the scanning and subsequent entry onto databases will favour these.

Happy job hunting.


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