Hello Tosh Got Toshiba? - 'ello tosh got a toshiba?


Over twenty years ago Toshiba rocked us with their cutting edge advert for their Hi Fi systems "Ello Tosh Got a Toshiba?" in which they repeatedly told us that they had a 'fair old bit of power' and mockerny cockery voice over 'we are talkin' quality' concluding with the command to 'get yer ears round that'

Toshiba Laptops

Today Toshiba remain leading manufacturers of Audio Visual Consumer products and have gained an excellent reputation for their range of laptop computers. This blog post laptop review gives a thumbs up to Toshiba Laptops highlighting their reliability and another post suggests looking for the best price using price comparison of toshiba laptops which recommends thorough searching of online shops to get great deals on laptops and identified this uk price comparison site for Toshiba laptops.

Moni-saving-spurt has various threads relating to laptops and it is perhaps a warning to watch out for Windows Vista which according to Yahoo Answers is the only operating system available now which is disappointing but little surprises us these days when it comes to Microsoft forcing its products upon the world.


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