Four by Four Bargains - Easy on the Gas

Various recent events have seen the demand for 4X4 SUVs and off road vehicles plummet.

A combination of soaring fuel prices and tax penalties on some of the UKs most popular vehicles - family estate cars and compact SUVs (read freelander's take on the vehicle excise duty imposed on his Freelander and even an eye on the environment has seen a noticeable drop in the price of secondhand 4X4s as the market has become saturated with buyers choosing "sensible" economic smaller cars.

However some of these Sport Utility Vehicles have picked up the tag 'gas guzzling monsters' which is perhaps unfair. Modern engineering and designs have brought them in line with todays acceptable standards that consumers expect.

Motoring and motor sport specialist sites now have glowing reviews of some of the latest 4X4s on the road and its not just the versatility and comfort of the drive.

This review from Tiscali Motoring of Land Rover's Freelander 2.2 HSE TD4 reports its fuel consumption to be a not so thirsty 37 miles per gallon and is proving to be a hit in the US where even the American driver is facing excruciating fuel price increases.

One small note was the discovery that Autotrader only managed to squeeze 33 mpg during its testing of the Freelander bringing it in line with the Nissan Qashqai 2.0 Visia however the carbon emissions and superior safety of the freelander were in no doubt with its long list of primary safety features includes the latest Electronic Traction Control, Anti-lock Braking System and Land Rover´s unique Terrain Response™ system. Seven airbags - two full-length curtain, two front, two upper-body and a driver´s knee bag - offer invaluable protection should you ever need it.


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