Love Peas and Harmony

Summer festivals often bring the peace and love out in everyone. Rural activists mix with green campaigners and join hands with urban warriors in acts of human kindness. Tapping into this market has to be the highly imaginative cafepress business Give Peas a Chance who are offering an extensive range of pun tastic merchandise all playing with the similarity in pronunciation of peas and peace.

Anyone wearing a Peas on Earth logo immediately brings calm and happiness to the room.

Go on give Peas a Chance.

As the temperatures soar even the office needs a calming. This damning description of the revolting smell from a Subway Melt shows just how food can be trouble. Subway have managed to squeeze their foot length offerings onto every high street but it would be considerate if they were to refrain from selling "stinky food" such as the melt during early mornings. Either that or insist the whiffy offers are consumed on the premises and not be allowed to pollute workspaces.


Migs said...

I remember that the school where I studied was a couple of meters away from a Subway. Every morning I could smell one of those foot-long sandwiches; didn't improve my health one bit during those years.

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