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Following the previous post about curtains we were pleased to be in touch with JJ at Hints And Things who brought her site's excellent workshop - building, decorating and DIY section
which included a feature about choosing curtain fabric which seemed appropriate to the post.

Whilst on the site we couldn't help notice the prominence of features about using blinds as an inexpensive yet stylish alternative to fitting curtains.

Blinds Vs Curtains

Various types of blinds were discussed but as the summer approaches the versatility from a range of venetian blinds offered won over all - being able to let in varying amounts of light depending on the time of day and the position of the sun was considered to be vital to a blinds success and as described here venetian blinds achieve this well.

A close fitting metal blind can prevent daylight penetration as well as any black out roller blinds
whilst keeping a contemporary look to the room it's fitted in.

Another very popular choice for UK homes is to fit wooden blinds that don't entirely block all light but if well chosen can help keep a room bright and airy whilst offering privacy.

From the feedback on this How to Fit a Curtain Pole video we shall find and publish a series of how to videos which will cover the various pitfalls when measuring, choosing and fitting blinds.


venetian blinds said...

Every room in our house can benefit from the use of roller blind. They are perfect for bathrooms, as we can close the slats for complete privacy and they are also available in water-resistant materials.

Solar Shades said...

Venetian blind is a very versatile blind and can be placed in almost any room in the home which adds a touch of elegance.