Online Shopping - Can I be of assistance madam?

Wouldn't it be great if todays interaction with the web when shopping online was more like the shopping in bygone days - a time when individuals served you from behind specific counters and assistants actually offered genuine assistance. Of course some top range shops do have dedicated knowledgeable staff that man counters - Harrods immediately springs to mind but on the whole shopping online is a lonely pastime.

Seeing the problems online shoppers faced a new breed of websites have sprung up that although hope to make money do try to inform and help customers. A typical independent site that is packed with "how to guides" and top ten tips features is JJ's Hints and Things. The breadth of topics covered is staggering - you may be looking for information about choosing stuff for babies such as suitable baby sleepwear and you'll find an entire nursery section crammed with tips and helpful suggestions.

Hints and things aims to have something for everyone and being focused on the home the site is organised in a room by room structure. Even the kennel is included in the garden and garage

It would seem appropriate to use the subject matter of recent posts here and demonstrate the functionality of helpful sites when choosing and buying home furnishings.

Moving around the different rooms on Hints and things you almost always find something that spurs you on to follow up - this feature in spare room explained how you can make your bedding stay in better shape and last longer and a workshop article gives a whole load of tips about choosing curtains and curtain fabric.

Throughout Hints and Tips there are links to recommended online stores and shopping price check sites where you can search for the best deals.

Save-Buck$ currently offers the facility to check the prices and delivery details on home furnishings and its recently revamped interior decoration and curtains section allows you sort through different fabrics and ready made curtains and find matching curtain poles all from the comfort of your home.

Don't forget that sites like e-bay and online classifieds adverts will have a continually changing range of hardly used goods especially with the fast changing styles and fashions of curtain and home furnishings offer and if time permits they are well worth checking too.