Well Hung Curtains - Pole or Track?

Well after following the video mentioned in last weeks post about making curtains its now time to consider how best to hang them. Checking other peoples homes it became clear that there was some choice in how best to fit them.

This feature in Ideal Home was of some help but barely scratched the surface - more focused on curtain fabric rather than the supports to hand them from

For a sleek look many choose to use slim curtain tracks - plastic curtain rail that is not visible when the curtains are drawn although fairly inconspicuous the tracks aren't very stylish whilst the curtains are open as they rarely blend in with the wall paper or paint.

Other fittings include curtain poles which hold large rings that the curtains then hand from. These are available in many different materials and styles - metal and wooden curtain poles and even specially designed poles for bay windows which can look amazing and lift the "old" bay window appearance to become a super chic space.

On careful consideration the decision is often about interior design. You may have spent a lot of time and money having double glazing fitted - new windows or a conservatory building to make your home look great from the outside so its just as important to consider the look and feel of the windows from the inside.

For many contemporary homes curtain poles offer a stylish and affordable solution to window decoration and are fairly simple to fit.

In the same way last weeks post included a video link you can check out this excellent "How to fit a Curtain Pole" video which explains what tools you'll need and give great tips for making sure the pole is the right length and fitted at the perfect height to suit your curtains.

There's also some more suggestions about which type of poles you may consider. Use a price checking site to get the best value curtains and poles
and investigate visiting factory supply curtain fabric warehouses and shops.


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