Top Tyres on Freelander

Its unusual for the shopping online guide to stray into the "motors" territory - but a blog post caught our eye and suggested remarkable value for money so we thought we should share

This post on about a Land Rover Freelander using
Rangemaster Tyres traveling the equivalent of five times round the earth without needing to change them surely deserves a mention.

We've all been told countless times that "you get what you pay for" yet so often the temptation of bargain prices for re-mould tyres is irresistible.

At over a hundred pounds each these tyres clearly don't come cheap but if you "do the maths" you'll find that choosing cheap tyres can be shown to be a false economy.

Perhaps the Freelander itself was partly to credit for the outstanding durability of the tyres - it makes sense that a well balanced and carefully driven vehicle - it is the most popular SUV in Britain and if you know what to look for you can pick up a used model at a good price - see the Freelander Used Car Test information at AutoExpress

Investigations show that the Freelander Safety record in Europe is excellent and in its class the freelander has claimed many awards have been made for its economy.

Enough - let the Motor Press do their job and give the low down on Land Rovers top selling SUV explaining the pitfalls and the advantages of buying a Freelander


Mei Ad Store said...

I wouldn't trust a cheap tire for car . I would rather spend on a tire that will last me for a reasonable amount of time.

malcolm coles said...

I buy my tyres online - much cheaper than in a shop. They're the same tyre - but cheaper. So you can have cheap and good quality.