Affinity Credit Cards Support Charities

Help Charities - consider using an affinity credit card whilst shopping.

From time to time the importance of the work of various not for profit sector organisations needs to be highlighted along with a call to encourage us all to contribute in whatever way we can.

Too often it is only after people have been directly affected by a condition do they seek ways to support charities and organisations that are working to raise awareness and improve the quality of our lives.

These organisations, many of them charities continually have to find new ways of generating and increasing revenue to support its work. Some such as the Blood Pressure Association are funded in a variety of methods including donations from pharmaceutical giants, the government/NHS, national lottery grants and attracting subscriptions and donations from members of the public who are affected by high blood pressure who want to be more involved with the work of the Association.

Affinity Credit Cards

The British Heart Foundation has generated a modest income with its affinity credit card and several leading cancer research and care charities are seeing the benefits of donations - usually a donation of between £10 - £15 when people first apply and a small ongoing % of their card spending.

Its not only healthcare organisations that look to these donate-as-you-shop credit cards for fundraising.

Ethical Banking

The latest range of affinity cards from the CO-OP offer a good selection of worthy organisations including WaterAid and The Woodland Trust along with Shelter and other ethical bodies under their "help the planet every time you think" that supports Greenpeace and the Ramblers.

The Co-operative Bank has launched its latest affinity credit card, with Friends of the Earth, offering a new and easy way to support the environmental charity.

As far back as 1999 the Co-op was well on its way to proving its ethical banking policies - Unlike most plastic credit cards they introduced ones that contained no pvc eliminating chlorides.


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