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As the public become more and more confident using the internet to shop online there has been increased demand for faster broadband connections and home wifi networks to allow multiple users to access the internet at the same time.

Keeping up with the latest technology can be a daunting task and the attraction of "total solutions" have an obvious appeal. Usually a
total internet broadband service is a complete broadband package, offering maximum download speeds, a wireless (wifi) hub and online support.

Currently one in four consumers is looking to switch broadband provider in 2008. “Many consumers are afraid to switch in case something goes wrong”, said a product development director at

If consumers were confident that the switch and the installation of new equipement such as enabling wifi connections would be done by a specialist then more people would benefit from using better equipment, faster download speeds and lower prices.

There has been a steady increase in
home IT support services offering to support pc and broadband users. Prices vary with the service provided.

One of the most popular services to emerge over the past few months is to arrange for a single visit by a telecoms engineers ensuring that the switch is painless. The engineer often offers general
pc help - tips and ticks so you can get the most from your home computer and new internet connection.


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