Spanish Shopping - Get more for your money

€ delights

(Thats €)

I learned from the finance exchange that not only was the pound good against the dollar but being the EU rogues we in the UK are it was certainly worth considering a bit of overseas shopping getting more euros per pound. Low cost airlines can get you to cities like Malaga and back in the "off season" for less than £100 and hunting around for low season deals on hotels you can find some fantastic deals.

I also calculated that to visit Seville and Jerez it was cheaper by far to fly to Malaga and continue the journey on the reliable, clean and fast rail network than making a similar journey by UK rail to Stanstead Airport and fly with another carrier - Ryan direct to these Spanish cities.

Having discovered the wonders of El Corte Ingles department store during a brief stay in Malaga it was marvelous to discover this chain had a multi site shopping complex just around the corner from the hotel confortel seville.

El Corte had vast ranges of both traditional Spanish food and drinks a amazing low prices -
  • Sherry and Brandy
  • Manchego cheese with quince jelly
  • Jamon Serrano
It was very disappointed that on retuning to the UK online shopping via the El Corte website is hampered by a requirement to log in just to access the supermercardo pages. Once you have worked out how how to enter the site you can make a judgment about whether the prices offered plus freight cost make it a viable economic place to pick up the fabulous foods.


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