Unusual Gift Ideas

We have all received a gift at some point or another from a friend or a relative and had to put on our ‘I really love it!’ face, while really we are wondering what the hell possessed them to buy us something so incredibly bad.  The faces are easy to spot: the smile is as broad as a Cheshire cat’s but the smile never quite makes it to their eyes as they are looking bemused and bewildered staring at the dancing reindeers on the sweater that great aunt Gladys has so thoughtfully bought them.  But believe it or not there are far worse gifts out there than the traditionally bad Christmas jumper.

Five Unbelievably Bad Gift Ideas


No, it’s not some multinational dance club; this is a gift for the golfer in your life.  This is the ‘ideal’ gift for the man who spends so much time out on the fairways that he often finds himself caught short.  The Uroclub is a urine receptacle.  It looks just like any other golf club and a player can strike the pose with this club which comes with a convenient ‘golf towel/privacy shield’ to avoid any offence being caused to other players on the course when placed loin cloth style across the offending area.  At around £20 it’s an affordable, if tasteless gift.


This novel device is designed to make your time in the bathroom – and by bathroom we mean toilet, as stimulating is possible.  Not only will it easily dispense your loo roll it will also allow you to plug in your iPod and listen to your music through the built in speakers in the arms of the toilet roll holder.  While it may be an innovative idea it’s not something most people would consider a bathroom essential, and at around £90 it’s not the cheapest of iPod accessories.

Enlighted Bra

Lingerie is generally an acceptable gift, up to a point, and unless the person you are buying for works in a circus or dances around a pole, she will not be thrilled when she opens the Enlighted Bra that you picked for her.  As much as she may like the fairy lights around her bed, having her cleavage lit up like the family Christmas tree could well be a step too far.


You know that he likes fingerless gloves and they might have looked fun when you saw the store, but now granddad is sitting in the living room with little underpants on his hands, suddenly they don’t seem like such a good idea.  The look on grandma’s face should be enough to tell you that this is one gift that definitely wasn’t worth giving.

Inappropriate Gifts

Believe it or not just about everyone you know will be very aware of their own failings.  We instinctively know when we need to lose a few pounds and can recognise the signs of aging and hair loss so what we don’t need are ‘well meaning’ gifts that point out our failings like bathroom scales, detox vouchers, and believe it or not, spay on hair in a can.  Whilst there may be a market for these things they should never be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree under any circumstances.

Everyone appreciates a gift that has obviously had some thought put into it, whether we like the gift or not, providing the sentiment behind it is sincere we can generally accept it.  The Christmas jumper is a gift that has spawned traditions in some families, with each member trying to out-class the other with the amazing tasteless and even fibre optic designs, but these gifts are fun and not to be taken too seriously.  It is when something so truly awful is given with utter sincerity that has us doing the Cheshire cat, unconvincing grin of thanks.

Whilst some of the above items could be stocking fillers for men material, we do not recommend giving them to anyone… ever.


Sabri said...

The Uroclub is hilarious, for £20 it would be worth seeing the look on his face when he realizes what it's for!