Wheeled Luggage - Blessing or Burden?

One of the longest running debates between all travellers is whether it is better to use wheeled luggage or a backpack. Some travellers swear by their backpack and wouldn’t use anything else and others love their wheeled bags deeply. The reasons behind the choice are usually down to personal preference or specific design purposes.

Is either style of luggage more practical for traveling? In the battle of luggage, can there be one overall victor? Here are the pros and cons of using wheeled luggage:


Here are some of the reasons why using wheeled luggage can be a real pain:
  • Because these types of suitcases require an internal frame, this makes them a lot heavier than other types of luggage. Also, the frame takes up space which makes for less room inside.
  • The poor wrist position that your hand must be in to roll the luggage makes it uncomfortable to roll for long distances.
  • When fully packed, these suitcases can be prone to falling over or can be very difficult to “steer”.
  • There are more parts to break on these types of luggage, meaning that the handle or the wheels will usually fail before the bag does.
  • There are very few places in your travels which will be conducive to rolling a bag with wheels behind you, such as cobblestone streets, busy sidewalks, curbs, crowds and muddy wet patches.
  • Wheeled luggage is more likely to get dirty and worn because it rubs against the ground.

Here are some of the reasons why wheeled luggage can be your best option:
  • Rather than carrying a large backpack, you will have no strain on your shoulders or back.
  • You will be able to carry more weight comfortably because you are not lifting it but rolling it.
  • Being able to roll your luggage along quickly behind you means that you can walk through the airport at a swift pace and save time.
  • When unpacking in the hotel room, backpacks have a tendency to “explode” and result in a messy pile of clothing everywhere. The structure of a wheeled bag allows you to easily open the top, reach what you need, and keep your clothes neatly inside.
  • If you want to look stylish, sophisticated and professional, a good quality piece of wheeled luggage usually conveys this impression more than a backpack.
These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of wheeled luggage. Whether or not you prefer it essentially comes down to your needs and your style of travel.

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