Online Lingerie Shopping

Shopping online can be a great way to find personal items in the privacy of your own home and without the fuss and attention of going to the store. But prior to purchasing your delicates online, take these tips into consideration:

Tip#1: Know your body shape and what features you want to enhance.Before you start typing away on the good ol’ laptop, be a little daring, take off your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror. Know your body shape. Do you have an hour glass figure? Large hips? Pear shaped? Apple or triangle shaped? Athletic? Curvy? Full? Petite? Short? Tall? Whatever your features are, that is your body. Love it for everything that you are. Take those unique features, those you love and maybe love not so much, and feature them with the appropriate lingerie piece.

Today’s fashion industry, a size medium with one company is not the same as another company. This fact makes shopping more frustrating than it should. So here is Tip #2: when available, use their size measurement chart. Size measurement charts will help you correctly select the appropriate size from that company.

Tip #2 can be combined with Tip #3: Know your measurements. A company’s size measurement chart is useless if you do not know your own measurements! Don’t forget to measure your bust by wrapping the tape measure under you arms, across your shoulder blades, and around the fullest area of your bust.  When it comes to your waist, have the tape wrap around your waistline and put one finger between your body and the measuring tape. By simply wrapping the tape around the full part of your hips and posterior, you can already measure the hip. Do not worry about the numbers that you measure. Better a size that fits your body than one that is too small, unflattering and uncomfortable.

Tip #4: If all else fails, make sure to check out their return policy. You found the perfect pieces of lingerie but aren’t sure which size to buy. The waist and hips fit are a better fit in one size but the other one fits better in the bust and length. Buy both! Check the return policy to see if their company allows for unused returns or if they have any physical stores you can return the item.

Good luck and happy shopping. Be daring, be bold, be beautiful.

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Sabri said...

Some great common sense tips and advice here. It's amazing how many people go through life without getting their measurement right.