Holiday Essentials for your Romantic Getaway

Going on holiday with your lover? Then you need this essential guide to packing for a romantic getaway. Sensual times guaranteed.

Ah the time has finally arrived. The winter has come and gone, work has been tough, life has been stressful, but the time has come for you and your loved one to pack your bags and retreat to a sunnier climate.

As you lift your dusty suitcase from the top of the wardrobe, you can already smell the sun cream and sangria.

But before you jet off into the sun, there’s just one dilemma left to solve...

What on earth should you pack?

I’m not talking about the usual ‘camera, passport, pants and sunglasses’ packing list. I’m talking about the hanky-panky packing.

You’ll be miles from home, under a warm sun, enjoying lovely leisurely days that are so far removed from your daily routine that you can’t help but feel a little friskier than normal.

So make sure that the hanky-panky compartment in your suitcase reflects this elevated friskiness!

The 8 Essentials:

1) High Factor Sun Cream
Very important if you’re planning any outdoor frolics. If you find a lovely quiet beach and feel the need to fool around, make sure you use a higher factor sun cream on the bits of you that are less used to sun exposure. There are some places that should never get burnt.

2) Contraception
The ultimate holiday sex necessity. You don’t want any panics, or emergency trips to a foreign pharmacy, where your embarrassing language skills will be put to the test.

3) Massage Oil & Candle
You can set the most romantic scene in any hotel room with these two items. After a long day of sightseeing or walking along the beach, the ideal way to relax, unwind and get in the mood is to treat each other to a candlelit massage.

4) The Freakum Dress
For those of you unfamiliar with the Beyonce song, the Freakum Dress is a little sexy dress that every woman has. She whips it out on special occasions. It’s that one dress that makes her feel like a vixen. So bring the Freakum Dress for one special dinner out.

5) Feminine Hygiene Tissues/Wipes
You’re out and about in the hot sun, it’s best to keep a pack of these with you so you can stay fresh and ready for frolicking. Apologies if anyone’s uncomfortable right about now. Moving swiftly on..
6) The Freakum Lingerie
Ok, I’ve just completely made that up, but you know what I mean. Go shopping and pick up some tantalizingly sexy underwear, that is comfortable but a bit out of character. This will add some spice to your hotel antics.

7) Assorted Sex Tools
 Sorry for referring to these items as ‘tools’ but I am referring in fact to bedroom accessories. Depending on your sexual preferences, these can range from anything from lubricant (go for a fruity flavour for an exotic ‘holiday’ feel), to toys (if they’re small and inconspicuous, carry them through customs yourself). You do run the small risk of having your bag searched, but other than a red face and embarrassed giggles, the consequences are minimal.

Once you’ve packed all the sexual necessities, don’t forget to pack your tickets, money, passport and all the other essential things you need for a successful trip abroad.

I hope all you lovebirds have a fantastic time, and remember that sex on the beach is not as glamorous as it sounds. Sand really does get everywhere.

Where are you travelling to this summer?

Susannah Perez is a fashion blogger with a passionate addiction to lingerie. As well as writing about clothing trends, she loves to blog about love, sex and magic whilst regularly blogging for Lingerie Confidential, in order to feed the aforementioned addiction.