Choosing Perfect Designer Pyjamas

Designer pyjamas are extremely luxurious and are made to a premium standard - not like your typical cotton PJs you can pick up on the high-street for a tenner! They're more expensive sure, but worth it. Other than great design, these trendy pyjamas are made from premium quality fabrics and with good techniques too to ensure they last at last - no fragile seams here!

If you're buying as a gift (well, or even just for yourself), there's a certain satisfaction that comes from buying designer brands too. "These are the pyjamas celebrities wear", you think to yourself - and you might not be wrong.

Designer pyjamas attract loyal consumers of the brand as well as other consumers who prefer the idea of wearing high quality nightwear to cheap 'tat'. If you're buying as a gift, check out this guide to the different styles available for both men and women...

Women's Designer Pyjamas

Designer pyjamas for women are available in numerous different styles to suit every woman’s unique tastes and requirements. From a vest top and shorts for summer, to full length or ¾ length trousers for winter, there's something for all weather - you can even get one-piece sleepsuits for super stylish sleeping!
You can also choose different trims and embellishments - do you prefer a V-neck or a crew neck for example? Or the traditional collared style? Choose different styles of buttons, pockets or no pockets, lace trims or just pure, plain pyjamas.

Designer pyjamas are made from premium quality fabrics too, so it doesn't matter whether you opt for silk, satin, cotton or fleece, you'll be buying quality and durability!

Men's Designer Pyjamas

Men’s designer pyjamas also come in a variety of different styles too. Of course, there are the traditional pyjamas with long sleeves, a button-through front and that typical checked print, but they're not the only ones out there.

Designer brands such as Calvin Klein create great men's pyjama sets with t-shirt style tops and cropped trousers or shorts, that are perfect for guys in their twenties and thirties who are after something comfortable yet stylish. If you're unsure which colour to go for, stick to the classics - black, white, grey and navy blue.
Looking for that extra special gift? Why not put together a gift package with a set of stylish, designer pyjamas plus a soft and comfortable bath robe?

What are your favourite pyjamas styles?

Images courtesy of Idlewild London.

Michelle Star writes for Idlewild London, an online retailer of luxury, designer nightwear for both men and women.


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