Benefits of Full Body Shapewear

You’re getting ready for a night on the town. You reach into your closet to grab your favorite outfit, only it doesn’t look the same way it did on the hanger. Fortunately, full body shapewear can smooth away any unsightly bulges while creating a more seamless shape, helping you to feel more confident underneath your clothes.

Full Body Shapewear Options

When it comes to shopping for full body shapewear, you have quite a few options. More and more lingerie companies are making various cuts of full body shapewear because so many women are looking for a little forgiveness on what nature has dealt them. The most common colors of the shapewear include white, neutral, and black. These low-key colors can provide support while remaining virtually undetectable.

There are designs that you can choose for pants and skirts. If you’re going for a look where you want some extra help hiding a bulge, it’s important that you find the right design for what you’re wearing. You can find full body shapewear that extends at various levels down the leg to provide a shapelier look.

Wearing a skirt versus pants will help you determine which shapewear is going to work best. You can have ones that fit just like a skirt, only shorter. This will allow you to comfortably wear pantyhose or stockings. You can also choose shapewear that travels as low down the leg as you want, which will help to add some added shape to your thighs and butt.

How Full Body Shapewear Flatters Your Figure

Beyond defining your curves, the benefit of shapewear is that it’s everywhere. When you’re looking for the perfect style to go with what you’re wearing, you can find them in virtually any store that sells lingerie. You can go to the higher end lingerie stores where sales staff will take your measurements and make recommendations.

With full body shapewear, it’s important to see how it affects the bust, as well. Some styles will minimize the bust while others enhance it. Depending on the outfit it is being paired with and the desired outcome, one option is better than another. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, try on both with the outfit you plan on wearing it with to see which one gives you the look you’re after.

The shapewear is becoming more affordable as more manufacturers are releasing their own line of shapewear. This provides shapewear advocates less expensive garments that still offer control. Buying shapewear directly from the manufacturer or finding it at an outlet store will allow you to fill your drawer with more options.

If you didn’t make it to the gym in time for your big event, it’s not a big deal. With full body shapewear, you can feel confident and beautiful. Wearing shapewear can help you hide unflattering curves while making your flattering curves more defined. By purchasing shapewear, you no longer have to worry about what you’re going to look like when the dress is off the hanger and on you.

Nancy Ruben is a part time author and fashion designer who gets a lot of inspiration from Spanx.


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