Stocking Fillers for Doggies

While you are out shopping for family members this holiday season, please remember Max writes guest author Susan Wright who is a mom, a blogger and a vet. She writes for DogFenceDiy the invisible fence alternative.

Regardless of where you live, winter is a tricky time of year, bringing with it rain, wind, chilling temperatures, snow and ice. It also means staying inside more and getting less outdoor exercise, which all lead to burning less calories and getting somewhat out of shape. Let’s see some stocking stuffers for Max and other fortunate doggies that just might take the edge off this frigid environment.

For example, I certainly am aware of dressing much more warmly. Since we maintain our house at a cool 67 degrees, we provide Max with a t-shirt to help take the chill off. And why settle for a plain old t-shirt, when one having a humorous message and/or picture would encourage visitors and family alike to enjoy playing with him while he attempts to entertain himself indoors.

When considering a garment for outdoor activities, like you would for yourself, think of the actual weather conditions. Just a chill in the air during the afternoon might require only a good sweater. But if winter is in full force a lined weatherproof outer garment is in order. There are many options and colors, most coming in sizes appropriate for your dog. In addition to the actual jacket, you can find a nose balm and paw protection. Of course the nose balm may be suitable for those cold windy days, while the paw protection is available in either a balm/wax or actual boots; they are also fine for cold rainy days. Something I found was a slicker for our best friends. For dogs living in our more rain prone climates, we need to seriously consider purchasing one of these.


For those more weather-friendly days, how about a Safety Stix Fetch Stick? Looks like a winner to me and well worth the money. Just be real sure your dog’s stocking is about eighteen inches long so it will stay put, but then doggies have been known to jump up and grab it out of their stocking!

If you really want to present a festive look to Max’s Christmas stocking, look into the Reindeer Holiday Ornament or the Pull-Apart Santa Dog toy. Both toys come in at under $10.00. From the descriptions, they might even last the whole holiday season; that would be a welcome change.


And if you prefer to diversify, treats depicting other cultures include Max’s Gourmet Hanukkah Dog Treats. I just couldn’t resist these! To celebrate Kwanzaa, brightly colored items would be the order of the day for these special pups. For homemade dog treats these sites and their goodies look appealing: the mint ones for good breath and digestion. Even though the aroma will tempt you, these are definitely for Max and his four-legged buddies!

The Bed

Now I know a doggie bed will not fit in their stocking, but what best friend would not appreciate a cozy, warm, supportive and washable bed. Ones are available that have completely washable coverings, and come in a variety of colors. If you have an outside dog, it is much more humane to provide warmth away from the elements during the colder, more unpredictable days of winter. Of course for older pets with aging bones and joints, they will need an easily accessible bed in a draft-free location. I noticed heated ones on a couple of websites, but am not suggesting those for safety reasons.

A Note to Remember

Although most of us are inclined toward soft, cute, cuddly puppies, especially at this season of the year, I would encourage everyone to go to this website from the American Kennel Club:

After a field trip with a scout troop a couple of years ago to a local SPCA, I whole-heartedly agree with their urging. In addition to remembering our doggies with holiday stocking stuffers, think about how much joy they bring, while also remembering they do require tender care all year long. A family member they truly are!

Susan Wright is a mom, a blogger and a vet. She writes for DogFenceDiy the invisible fence alternative.


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