Activities for 'Girls Days Out'

With the winter quickly approaching, many of us will have to forgo our favorite summertime activities that involved spending time outdoors. Girlfriends will have to trade in their weekly meet-ups at the beach for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping instead. But, if you dread spending time with your best friends amid the frenzy of crazy holiday shoppers, think outside the box about how you all can spend your quality time together. If you are looking for some new and exciting ideas for your next girls-night-out, try some of our recommendations for girl-friendly activities that encourage learning, healthy living and a little bit of luxury.

Take a Weekly Class

One of the most inspiring and creative ways to spend quality time with your girlfriends is to take a class together. We’re not talking about biophysics classes here - sign up for a weekly course that speaks to your personal likes and interests. Visit your community college or local culinary school to see what cooking lessons are being offered. Or, try to find out about exercise, pottery, and crafts courses offered at the local university. Many times, community colleges will offer a host of specialty courses like organic gardening, pastry making, or ones that teach basic cooking skills.

Make It A Spa Day

Rather than spending a night out-on-the-town, opt to schedule a girls-day-in at the spa. If you can’t bear to break your girls-night-out tradition, search your local area for martini bars or specialty drinking establishments that offer special manicure and pedicure services with drinks. If you need to save money, grab your girls and go to the grocery to get a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains that can be used to create your own do-it-your beauty and skin care products. Together, you can your friends can create facial masks and body scrubs to polish your skin to perfection.

Latin Music Lessons

Taking dance classes together is another fun way to spend time with your friends and get fit at the same time. Whether you opt for classes that require a partner or choose to dance alone, dance classes with your best friends is a formula for fun. To get your body moving, enroll in Latin dance classes. There are a variety of Latin dance options available including Cuban dance, salsa and Latin ballroom styles. In addition to getting your body moving, dance classes with also help you explore and experience the sounds and beauty of the Latin culture.

Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for a bit of fun paired with a bit of education, grab your best friends and go to a wine tasting event. Tasting events are a great way to sample a variety of wines without spending a lot of money. As many of us have discovered, nothing is worse than spending $20 on a discount bottle of wine just to discover that you don’t agree with the flavor. Tasting events will help you discover your preferred wine palette without committing to a purchase. In many cases, you can visit the vineyard to see where the grapes are grown and learn about the advanced wine making process. If you and your friends decide to treat yourselves to a wine tasting event, be sure to pick a designated driver or use a car service for transport throughout the evening.

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