Shop Smart with Boots Treatstreet

Have you heard of Boots Treat Street? This clever online shopping portal could save you a lot of money!

Do you wish you got more for your money when you went shopping? You might want to try a relatively new program from the pharmacy Boots called “Boots Treat Street.” If you are the type who loves to shop online, you can find yourself with some great deals as well as earn points for every purchase.

What is Boots Treat Street?

Boots Treat Street is an online shopping portal which was established in 2010. It allows users to obtain an Advantage Card, which they use to collect special Boots Advantage Card points every time they make a purchase online via the website. The offer is usually that the customer will receive one point for every £1 that they spend on one of the stores involved.

The points can be picked up with your card from the Advantage Card kiosk at a local Boots store. When you insert your card, the machine will tell you how many points you have accumulated on your card and automatically add them.

Then, you can use the points to buy items in your local Boots store. On almost all items, you will see a cash price and then a price for paying with your points. The total price will be taken off of your Advantage Card.

The website also offers exclusive vouchers to its customers, and special discount voucher codes on high end retail products. There are over 70 brands of online and high street retailers involved in the program, including eBay, Comet, Curry’s, and the Apple Store. There are a number of fashion shops available to, such as Marisota and Office Shoes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the pros and cons to using this Boots Treat Street loyalty scheme?


  • You will earn four points for each £1 spent in store or one point for each £1 spent online.

  • You can join special interest clubs, such as The Parenting Club, which will increase the number of points per pound you earn up to 10 instead of 1.

  • You can use your points to buy things in the store, completely free.

  • The card itself is free, and you will not have to pay a sign up charge or a monthly or annual membership fee.

  • You can manage your account and do all of your shopping online.

  • You will receive special discounts, sales, and offers on popular retail brands.


  • Although you can earn points online, you still need to go to a Boots store with an Advantage Card Kiosk to collect your points. This can make things difficult for those who live in an isolated area without a Boots store nearby. It also can be annoying when you want to buy something online with your Boots points and you cannot.

  • The points cannot be used as partial payment on an item. You must either pay with money or points but not both.

If you do a lot of shopping and are a frequent customer of Boots, this loyalty rewards card might be worth it for you. It is a way to make your money go further and to receive great discounts on your favorite brands.