Shopping Spree in Jeddah

Whereas many cities on the Arabian Peninsula have only come into prominence recently, Jeddah has for centuries been a busy port and trading destination on the Red Sea coast. Its proximity to the important Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina have long made it a popular destination.

Goods travelling between east and west, gold, silks and spices all found their way through Jeddah. Today the city; although much changed is still famous for its souks and shopping malls. Its cosmopolitan citizens have imported products from all around the world and in turn have made it an interestingly diverse city.

Places to stay in Jeddah
Radisson Blu run various high profile hotels in Saudi Arabia including the seven-storey Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah, one of Radisson's two hotels in Jeddah, located in the heart of Jeddah's growing business district. Featuring distinctive mashrabiya windows, the hotel is close to the centre of the city and the downtown shopping centres of Corniche

Souks in Jeddah
The old town centre of Al Balad is a maze of narrow streets and coral houses. Within this warren of streets are hundreds of traditional souk markets. The busy, main market, the Souk Al Alawi is located in the heart of the old town and surrounded by houses.

Gold Souk of Al Sagha in the south east of Jeddah specialises in selling gold, silver and diamonds, a very popular market during the Islam festivals like Hajj. The Al Basha market in the east is famous for its mixture of spices, herbs, tea and such things as rope and water skins. At the Souk Al Nada, one of the oldest markets in Jeddah you can find almost anything from kids clothes to gold and jewellery.

Jeddah’s Shopping Centres
The traditional hustle and bustle of open-air markets in Jeddah have seen the addition in recent years of many modern, brightly lit, air-conditioned shopping malls. These still sell the age old goods of yesteryear but also have modern electrical appliances, televisions, computers and music stores in their midst.

Hera’s Mall was one of the first new style shopping malls in Jeddah and has recently received a refurbishment to keep up with the competition. Here you will find well-known international brands alongside customary household goods.

Mall of Arabia, on Medina Road is the largest shopping centre in Saudi Arabia. This massive precinct has lots of places to eat, ample parking and its own ice rink. Marks & Spencers, Debenhams, H&M, Mothercare and Miss Selfridges all have branches here.

Red Sea Mall, another of the largest shopping places, as well as many international brands it also has the exciting children’s area, Oceania and a 10 lane bowling alley and pool hall.

Al Khayyat Center is famously known as the shopping centre to go for all your international fashion needs, with brands such as D&G, Gucci and Dior all having outlets here.

Stars Avenue is one of the newest malls with a branch of Saks Fifth Ave and Carrefour.

Jeddah International Mall, the oldest mall in the city specialising in gold and Philippine cuisine in its large food hall. It is also decorated with artificial streams running through it.

Shopping etiquette in Jeddah
Remember when travelling around Jeddah and Saudi Arabia in general to dress conservatively and be aware of levels of decency. You should also check specific shops as some have women only floors or are closed to single young men at certain times. The doors will also be closed during prayer times so plan your shopping spree carefully.


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