London Fashion Week for Guys

London Fashion Week is over for now, and the women’s collections have received more than their fair share of coverage, but this one goes out to the guys.

Trends show a big embrace of color and fun, but that’s about where comparisons end. So, as they deserve, we’ll provide a few highlights of some of the standout men’s collections of the season.

A Child of the Jago offered a fine blend of refinement and irreverence with a series of tuxedo-inspired jackets paired with shorts. The overall color palette remained neutral in tones of buff, gray and the standard black, but stripes were used in abundance and interesting ribbon embellishments were provided as well. This design house also prides itself on using locally made and upcycled items, too; so you guys can look great while still saving the planet.

The Aquascutum Men’s collection delivered exquisite suits made with perfectly tailored coats over skinny trousers. The overall effect was both refined and masculine, and when topped with espionage-inspired trench coats it’s easy to envision Cary Grant staring back at you. An exciting and dapper collection.

NEWGEN MEN & Fashion East Men Installations brought a bold adaptation of clubwear that catapults Hip Hop into the Space Age. High-collared bulky satin jackets appeared in an array of hues from silver to metallic chartreuse. Think boxing champ meets space warrior. To show the line’s range of versatility the male models were also seen sporting feminized coats and shawls. It wasn’t the most cohesive line on display but it was interesting and forward-thinking, nonetheless.

Casette Playa also ran with the trend of bold colors and even topped tough-looking leather with bright contrasting embellishments. The street-wear cuts remained masculine even as colors like Robin’s egg blue, fushcia and Pepto pink came out to play, showing a man who’s confident and secure.

And William Richard Green provided plenty of new fodder for hipsters by creating a line with leggings worn under shorts and capped with dress shoes. Fun accessories have proven to be a strong menswear trend and WRG answered the call with items such as yellow floppy sailor’s caps. Other looks on display: blousy long-sleeved shirts over skinny jeans, and the occasional spark of yellow against more neutral tones.

Other menswear trends promise double doses of denim, and more fun with funky jewelry and neon shades, along with tattered rockstar scarves. The bold colors also have a strong foothold in the shoe department, as well.

In short, it looks like guys are being offered the license to be more bold with their fashion choices in the upcoming seasons. With an overriding theme of audaciousness and vibrancy, the latest men’s fashions may not be for the wallflowers out there, but if willing to step outside of your comfort zone it promises to be a fun time, indeed.

Author Emma Bell writes for Coupon Croc. Want hot new looks in menswear? Check out these ASOS discount vouchers.