Responsibility to prevent accidents and personal injury due to snow and ice.

The responsibility of shops, supermarkets and other public places when snow and ice make areas unsafe.

The following is based on a document about slipping on snow and ice published on the Access Legal website - a firm of solicitors that deal with personal injury claims

The Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 states that certain measures must be taken to insure that visitors to institutions or retailers are safe while using or passing through those premises.

This legal requirement is not just for indoor areas but extends into ensuring that all the immediate outdoor areas are cleared of potentially dangerous weather hazards caused by seasonal conditions.

However, on occasion the weather is so severe that it becomes unreasonable, or even impossible for areas to be totally cleared of snow, and ice. Though this should never be an excuse to do nothing, as a few minor tasks such as shovelling or gritting can be done quickly and cheaply, resulting in safer walking (and working) conditions for all.

As a common rule the larger the shopping centre, supermarket, park, etc,  more people will be expected, so more effort is to be taken.

Failing to take reasonable steps to ensure walking areas are clear of snow and ice, resulting in your injury, means they are liable for compensation.

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