Christmas Spending

What will be the number one Christmas gadget for 2010?

The great Christmas battle for consumer spending this year will not be children's toys, but instead, cutting edge electronics. Many market speculator's feel that the gadgets, such as phone's, music player's, camera's, hand held computer's as well as home electronics such as TV’s, video game consoles, and Bluray player's will all begin going through a substantial price reduction from now on the run up to Christmas. Its rumoured that  HD Televisions will see cuts of up to 30%

And it's no wonder, despite the economic struggles of the year, 2010 is projected to hit a 17 year high for the sales of new consumer electronics. Up 5 percent from last year alone. Electronic fever is sweeping the nation, as almost 70% of adults commented that their Christmas buying list includes consumer electronics as gift's this year, up by 6% from last year.

The real question is though, with consumer electronics on the whole making their way on most Christmas shopping lists, what is the one item that stands above.

I don't think it should come as too much of a surprise to see that Apple Products are among the most desirable.

“A consumer survey of 3000 UK people has revealed that Apple products will be at the top of more peoples Christmas lists than any other gadget this year. According to the survey 37% of the people questioned voted the Apple iPad to be the most desirable gift that they would like to receive.

The chart topping iPad was closely followed by the iPhone 4 with 27% of the votes. The poll took place in October to discover the most sought after gadgets for Christmas. Third place was taken by the ever popular Amazon Kindle and fourth place by TomTom – we guess people still need to find there way around.

Fifth position was taken by the Playstation Move, the survey was taken in October so this is still a pretty impressive achievement for Sony, we wonder how different the survey would have been if it was taken this month or even early December – I bet the PS3 Move and Xbox kinect would have featured higher up the list.

The Kinect actually received 5% of the votes; the research suggested this was due to the devices requirements with 56% of people saying the 6 foot radius needed for optimal game play would stop them buying the Kinect with 1 in 10 of these people choosing the Sony Move instead.

An important fact to remember is the Xbox 360 Kinect wss not released in the UK until November 10th, people were judging it before seeing it in action – this may go some way in swaying their opinions and buying patterns.

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of, commented: “Dominating the top spots in our poll, Apple’s products offer a multitude of functions without skimping on style. However, proving that style isn’t everything, the Xbox Kinect’s cutting-edge technology seems to be a step too far for many consumers. “

Although the Apple ipad is the most desirable gift of the year, it remains to be seen wither or not it will be ranked as a high selling Christmas item, or if it's expensive price tag will put off many consumers.


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