Ahoy Banter About Ki Fit

In what was quickly accused of being a blatent product advertorial the Independent recently feature the Ki Fit

Here's some of the resultnat banter:

I've already got one and have to confess that I'm obsessed with Ki Fit but use it for fighting fatigue rather than fighting fat or fuelling sex and shopping.

I would love to burn 3-4 calories a minute with Jo although that would probably only lose me about 10 in total :o) Not sure where anyone managed to buy these devices for £99 - they retail on Amazon for at least £150.

I lost at least 7 calories reading that comment, Ahoy!

The price was sent to me by the Ki Fit peeps. I must not give you any more info or we'll rattle Tom's cage again (he's convinced I'm working undercover for the people who make the armband, like a fluffy, airheaded version of the suspected Russian spies).

I bought some cheap, comfortable headphones recently. I think they'll help me lose weight.

Want to lose weight? Try the Burmese Peasant diet - it works for millions.

Want to lose weight? Try sex and shopping
But not concurrently.

I dunno, I'd be willing to give it a go.

Fair enough: see you in Harrod's then?

Harrods?? Are you kidding me?

Forget that expense, just join wantaquickie for cheap casual sex!! 
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