Guardian Competition FAIL

Guardian Competition FAIL

The national newspaper ran an online competition which offered M&S gift vouchers for the best ideas "what to do with unwnated clothes" suggested by readers in the comments as a response to a report that found tons of clothing simply are added to land fill each year

Fabulous, an article on our throw-away, spendaholic nature - with a competition to win vouchers to,, wait for more clothes.


We did like this one though -

I unscrewed the panel from the side of my bath and packed all the old clothes and towels/blankets that were unfit for the dog shelter around the side of the bath, before screwing the panel back on.

The free insulation keeps my bath water lovely and hot and saves on energy bills because I don't need a top-up halfway through a good soak! I checked a couple of days later to make sure they were all still dry - I didn't need damp clothes sitting on my floorboards - and they were - so now I feel less guilty about using the extra energy to indulge in an occasional soak. And with the money saved on the gas bill, I can treat myself to a nice bottle of wine or luxury indulgent hamper from M&S to enjoy while I'm relaxing!

Better choice of prize - goat or a hamper?

Would a better, more ethical incentive be to donate clothes via marks and Spencer and they then send M&S hampers or a goat to people around the world who really need help.

The majority of mine go to either Freecycle or charity gifts shops, but sometimes you have the old, ragged, loved-to-death clothes that really aren't fit to be given to anyone - such a waste - having all this material from old t-shirts and leggings - just to put it in the recycle bag.