Lidl Vs Tesco

Tesco stoop to selling live animals in China

Running scared of European competition from Lidl et al Tesco now turn to the barbaric chinese for a stab at turning a profit - selling live turtles.

Lidl Vs Tesco

When I buy a 20p (or whatever the current price is) can of Ald/Lidl chopped tomatoes I get a can of lovely thick chopped tomatoes.

When I buy a 20p can of chopped tomatoes in Tesco (which would be in their value range) I get a can of red water.

To get Aldi/Lidl quality in Tesco I would have to buy branded or from the Tesco main product range.

The same is repeated for the vast majority of everyday basic products.

The likes of Aldi and Lidl achieve this by not having expensive PR campaigns and by not attempting to supply everything all the time.

If they can't get it at the right price, they don't stock it.

Also they employ 3 hardworking staff where Tesco would have 6, who generally stand around discussing their personal lives in front of the customers (sorry, consumers).

For the equivalent price, Aldi/ Lidl are far higher quality than any main supermarket.

Why then are these stores not included in price comparison results?

The main leading supermarkets get away with it by using various methods to lock us in to shopping with them, thereby preventing us from comparing them with other retailers.

I can't recall the last time I shopped in Tesco, it was that long ago.