Tiring of Hiring - Get a Donkey Ride

Frighening Car Hire Scare

It's that time of the year when scaremongerers begin to spread the rumour that people are at risk of having their summer holiday spoilt by failing to have car rental arranged in advance and that the longer you leave booking a hire car the less chance there will be that a car is available due to a predicted car hire shortage.

Car hire shortage - fact of fiction?

Is the shortage of hire cars a big dollop of donkey pooh?

Following various travel blogs and major car hire websites there is panic breaking out across Europe and beyond that the chronic shortage of cars will create havoc and cause misery for many thousands of disappointed holidaymakers this summer. It appears that the public transport systems of Spain will be stretched to breaking point as holiday makers fail to get hold of a hire car and take the bus instead.

Alternatives to Car Hire

Problems are expected too elsewhere around Europe and some innovative companies have already begun to offer an alternative to car hire. In cyprus for example kebab-autos.com have a drop down menu that includes donkey, golf cart and motorbility scooter - all of these will comfortably get holiday makers around the island.

In Croatia - due to the tail off of building activity many under employed traders are offering their vans for hire. A smart move during the blistering heat when builders would rather be enjoying the good weather at the beach or lazing by the swimming pool checking out the latest swimwear fashions whilst they know that they are earning a few bob from their van hire activities.

All this talk of vans - tiome for a little light entertainement - here's 10 dirty van jokes - http://www.10to1.com/entertainment/Dirty_Van_Jokes the amusement scribbling on the side on a dirty van never ceases to fail.

"Clean Me" - Priceless!


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