Save Money - Voucher Codes and Cashback Deals

Online Shopping Bargains - Save Money

In this feature we examine various ways to save money when shopping online - cashback sites like Squidco Shopping and Greasy Monkey split their affiliate revenue with their customers while they shop around for online bargains.

Lately a furore about the sharp advertising practices of Voucher Code sites has highligheted how popular these sites are becoming.

Vouncher codes are available for most things on sale online - discount vouchers for electrical goods usually offer between 2 and 5 percent off. Other vouchers reduce or remove the delivery charges and can save you money. Some items incur hefty dleiver charges. large Bed superstores can help subsidise the showroom prices safe in the knowledge that you'll have to have the bed delivered to your home. Single beds are charged the same as king sized beds which really isn't fair but without taking the trouble and cost of arranging van hire the bed shops have you over a barrel.

Car hire voucher codes

During the peak car hire during summer 2009 it has been predicted that car rental companies will run out of cars. What better time to check out the car hire voucher codes available and make sure you get the car you want cheaper by booking in advance?

Other money saving methods are:

  • Using price comparison sites
  • Putting sensible bids on Auction Sites
  • Looking for "Fence sites"
  • Typing the wrong details into the checkout page
Don't be a dummy - save lots of money - shop online.