Eco-Beds – Sleeping With A Clear Conscience.

It’s time to start going green people, everyone’s doing it. Even politicians, superstars and big companies are riding the new climate change wave by diversifying into new avenues and markets. It’s truly amazing how quick consumer trends can move. Within the last 5 years Eco-friendly items have become all the rage. Sales of these items are quickly outpacing their less environmental counterparts and this is forcing manufacturers to change and adapt.

The good news is that consumer demand is driving the prices of these goods down and down. So if you’re like me and affected by a growing green conscience why not take the extra time and look for a better, more environmentally friendly option when shopping. You can find green alternatives for nearly everything nowadays from beds, to cars, to furniture and even computers.

I recently had to look for a new bed, my old one was pretty shagged (pun) and one of the legs was broken and propped up with a stack of books; it turns out that Tolstoy’s War and Peace does have a use after all. So I decided to look up beds on the net to see if I could find a more Eco-friendly option, rather than go through the usual flat-pack nightmare.

After a quick search I found numerous sites offering all sorts of Eco-friendly beds and mattresses. Some of these companies like Green Wood pride themselves in making top quality beds from reclaimed and sustainable resources. Other companies like Nest have spent considerable amounts of time and money developing Eco-friendly mattresses. Nest’s new Eden mattress was designed in conjunction with Leeds University and took 3 years to develop and manufacture.

It’s great to see companies really making an effort to change and diversify into greener products and technology. With so much attention and publicity surely the futures bright, the futures green.


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