Global Warming - Hot Shopping

After a disappointing Valentine Day shops are hoping to attract much needed custom during the traditionally lean months to keep the tills ringing and reassure staff that their jobs are safe.

Recent closures of established high street shops means fewer jobs in the retail sector and shopping web sites are looking to diversify their ranges and attract new customers.

A site here for shopping nutters - Kaboodle. Not only can you have fun shopping with friends the site introduction says, you can discover and share new things. Some users are even offering their services as virtual personal shoppers - nice work if you can get it.

More and more are adopting a new approach to the stock they promote. Expensive electronic goods that consumers in economic downturn can choose to put off buying turning to more practical devices such as health care equipment.

Thoughtful Spending

More significantly the trends show that forward thinking people are choosing to show how much they care - whole sections are dedicated to ethical gifts to demonstrate awareness of the needs of the planet. Choose from T Shirts that demand action against climate change, badges about badgers, a goat and merchandise to support the campaign to stop global warming galore.

Global warming gear is set to be this years hot fashion must have as the 2009 climate change summit in December gets closer.

You can wear the message or opt for a more subtle way of doing your bit with carbon neutral gifts.

Perhaps even more considerate would be to fund organisations and projects that will directly help those affected. Consider making a charity donation. Here is a simple guide to giving donations to green charities.

Global warming and climate change makes life for poor people around the world unbearable. It takes their jobs, wrecks their homes, and destroys their food supplies.