Work, Rest and Play

As credit crunch continues to bite (ouch) more and more people are looking for second jobs or return to work part time.

We discussed looking for a job some months back and now we turn to investigate Christmas jobs.

The festive period sees many new job opportunities for part-time and temporary work. On the build up to Christmas shops, restaurants and bars all took to recruit extra staff. Job sites are often overlooked as the commissions paid would not make recruitment for such short periods worth while. Local jobs are often advertised on free ads sites where advertisers can write their own descriptions - for example who wouldn't be intrigued by this recent job ad:

Listing Summary | Location: New York, Lincolnshire

Salary: £1,005,000.00 | A Global online services marketplace connecting businesses, freelancers & professionals through a community driven knowledge platform.

Of course its most likely a typo but worth a punt if you want to make money.

High on many peoples priorities is that the workplace should be fun. That can include being able to listen to personal stereos, ipods or mp3 players - many IT workers have their iPods plugged into their pc's and with the prices of the latest iPod Touch now at all time low we expect to see a surge in sales of both the iconic ipod classic and the latest iPod Touch players as gifts for office workers who want to have music and games of their choice at their workstation.

Fun Place to work

We couldn't fail to see the irony in this recent post about Land Rover being a fun place to work
which coincided with the news that Land Rover were going to shed 200 jobs up and down the UK. Whilst the remaining staff celebrate the good publicity that the new Freelander is attracting playing games like Top Trumps and Darts Quiz to learn more about their vehicles others less fortunate are tightening their belts with the grim prospect of an expensive Christmas without work.


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