Land Rover April Fool?

They're joking surely?

Is Land Rover in Deep Doo Doo?

No sooner had I researched and composed my findings for Land Rovers
but the news is full of what can only be a terrific April Fool Joke - The Best of British motor company is to be owned and run by Tata (India) Automobile Corporation.

Much uproar over on Landyzone - forum for Land Rover Enthusiasts and LandRover Club where there is a genuine feeling of loss. One thread started by a disgruntled Range Rover fanatic pronounced the news at the death toll for Land Rover and that he would seriously consider buying a HyJynx Jizz rather than support this appalling sale.

Forum members have even written to the BBC to ask that the company's UK origins are emphasised in past articles and any future reports broadcast and also include links to the UK website. "There was a time when working at Landrover had a special status but I can only think that the workmanship and quality that the brand became famous for is under threat. The least the British Broadcasting Corporation can do in these troubled times is show its full support"

While we watch and wait to see the outcome owners of these formidable work-horses can hope that the value of their vintage models and classic cars. Already sites are springing up offering authentic genuine Land Rover vehicles collected from around the world. With over 70 percent of land rovers ever built still running the re-importation of these vehicles looks likely to grow as British enthusiasts will want to ensure their firm stamp on Land Rover heritage.


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