Get Off My Land Rover

Great British Land Rover Vs Rest of the World

Choosing an all terrain vehicle - often referred to as SUVs - Sports Utility Vehicle should be pretty straight forward - go for the tried and tested and add a bit of patriotism to boot and it has to be Landrover every time.

Oh no - far from it. After many hours pouring over various web articles about what to consider when choosing a SUV it quickly became apparent that all terrain vehicle are not equal.

Key Questions:

Do you encounter extreme conditions such as snow, ice or mud? Consider the tyres required for grip.

How much off-road driving will you be doing? Plenty of ground clearance or the underside is a goner.

And many many more - Will you be using the SUV to tow a trailer or boat? How many people will want seating? How much stuff will it take how much space is there? The questions are endless.

I suppose the two essential areas to focus on are

  • Space - Look for an SUV that’s got the amount of space you need. There’s no point in being cramped or not having the space to shift stuff you want shifting.
  • Power - Don’t settle anything less than a 6 cylinder engine otherwise you’ve just got a glorified mini van with no power.
That means an SUV should not only look like an SUV it should act like an SUV.

Top banana advice seemed to concentrate on value for money - make sure you get the best bang for you "buck".

And that brings us full circle - to meet the needs of those who really need an off road work truck Land Rover seems to remain top choice - just need to find the best model at the right price.

A search on eBay returns a vast selection of models ranging from brand spanking new to old classics. No the place to buy a vehicle but looks top banana for spares and parts - also noticed the land rover owners magazine has plenty of choice for these

A search for car price comparison sites returned results for the usual price comparison suspects including the ubiquitous Kelkoo along with a list of car insurance checking sites. One site that has to get a mention is Honest John and although this site compares only new cars you've got to take your hat off to these guys - its almost as transparent as the Estate Agents who imaginatively named themselves - Easy Money.

Back then to trawling the small ads for a used land rover - this advert caught my eye which suggested a try before you buy day with the range of all terrain vehicles. After watching these videos of land rover experiences. These appear to be a smart idea for anyone trying to decide which of the various Land Rover models would suit them best and are available at nine centres throughout the UK.