Tips For Sending Flowers

No matter what the holiday, getting into the spirit of the occasion and enjoying the festivities is always something to look forward to.

Holidays are not only a great excuse for getting together and celebrating, but also a fitting time to give gifts and show loved ones you’re thinking about them.

The ideal gift for sprucing up a holiday and its décor? You got it—flowers! Deep red roses on a Christmas table brings instant class to the setting. White lilies are a serene and beautiful choice for Easter. A vibrant bouquet of tulips on Mother’s Day will win you lots of brownie points.

Whatever the event, it is important that you remember these 3 tips for sending flowers over the holidays:

Know where your flower recipient will be

Before you pick out that gorgeous arrangement, make sure it’s going to be enjoyed. The last thing you want to do is send flowers to your best friend for the Fourth of July when she’s going away on a family vacation and won’t be there to receive them.

If your mom is going to stay with your sister for a week over the Mother’s Day holiday, make sure you send the flowers to your sister’s house where she can enjoy her surprise.

If you’re sending a bouquet to your girlfriend who is spending the holidays with her parents, you may want to send something to her mother/your future mother-in-law, too!

Consider the decor

You may or may not know what the décor of the home of the flower recipient will be during the holidays. While it may be a fairly safe bet to choose red for Christmas, some people don’t always decorate with the traditional colors.

Try to find out (subtly) the color and style of the décor. This will help you make an appropriate choice for picking out flowers that will add to the holiday flare in the home of your loved one.

Do your best to match his or her personality

While you want to choose an arrangement that compliments the holiday, it is still very important that you do your best to send something that suits the personality of your recipient.

If he is classy and sophisticated, choosing an elegant and monochromatic arrangement with will be well received. If she’s whimsical and bohemian, a vibrant assortment of wild flowers may be just her thing.
Ultimately, it helps if you know what your recipient likes. That way the gift will come across as thoughtful and personal, rather than a simple holiday token.

Whether you are able to splurge on a large and breathtaking arrangement, or if your budget only allows for something small and pretty, your flower delivery will always be appreciated and remembered. If you’ve never thought to send flowers over the holidays, it’s never too late to take your loved ones by surprise. A few blooms and a thoughtful note can go much further than you think.

Mahima Narula has been in the floral business for over a decade. Currently, she is the head of business at Flora2000. They are the industry leaders in international flower delivery. Please visit their website at for more information.


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