Dubai Set to Build World's Largest Mall

Dubai sure loves itself some big buildings. A desert kingdom with more wealth than beach sand, and more drive than a 911 Porsche, Dubai works towards being bigger and better than all the other cosmopolitan cities across the globe. As plans to build the world’s largest mall comes right on the heels of their giant aquarium – the largest tank in the world of course – springing a leak; probably due to it being too large in a small space, and was set to become the next in line to cave and flood the mall.

Whopping Shopping

As architects, planners and developers in Dubai are not content with regular size malls for regular amounts of people, they have now decided that because they are famed for their mega-construction projects, they may as well build the world’s largest mall, and park. The eponymous hero of the new mall is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum who wants to ideally build a city within his already mega city.

Architects and developers have been working on designs for the world’s largest mall to comfortably hold 80 million annual visitors. Determined to be 30% bigger than Hyde Park in London, the entire structure will include some of the best entertainment value that is seen across the world. The entertainment centre is to be designed in conjunction with the famous Universal Studios to ensure that it’s amongst the biggest attractions ever.

Even though Dubai is home to masses of luxurious residential apartments, villas and stunning getaways on their manmade islands, the Sheikh has decided that additional residential areas attached to the world’s biggest mall will just add that much more to the structure. They already have the world’s tallest building – Buri Khalifa – so why not throw in several hundred more luxury apartments? Pretty soon Dubai will be home to the city with the most apartment blocks in the world. A title they will gladly accept, we’re sure.
Dubai is already home to a large amount of shopping malls and hotels, so one has to wonder what will happen to the businesses within the existing malls. And, what are they going to do with another shopping mall? Yes, Dubai is the shopping Mecca for people across the globe, but what will the world’s largest mall have to offer that the others don’t? They’ll have entertainment centres, beauty spas, theatres, cinemas and a luxury residence for those with cash to splash, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For starters, Dubai’s tourism has jumped by 13% since they bounced back from the recession. Hotels are sitting at 80% capacity and the economy has exceeded $4 billion dollars since the economic restructuring in 2009. Clearly Dubai has the space and funds to build and furnish the world’s largest mall, with very little financial concern. Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Vida Denning is a prolific freelance writer who has travelled quite extensively. She loved her time in Dubai even though there were many construction sites, men in overalls and cement everywhere. However, nothing compared to the awesome Dubai desert.

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